Dry Creek Valley

Warm, inspired, picture-perfect valley

Blessed with rich soils and a warm climate, Dry Creek Valley, known for Zinfandel, supports a diversity of our varietals at equally high levels of quality.

This beautiful valley, home to Ferrari-Carano`s Estate winery, is only 16 miles long and two miles wide, but it boasts more than 6,000 acres of vines.

The climate reflects both coastal and inland influences. Like Alexander Valley to the east, Dry Creek Valley enjoys warm temperatures during July, August and September, the crucial ripening months of the growing season. And, like the Russian River Valley to the west, Dry Creek Valley experiences frequent later afternoon and evening cooling from coastal fog during the summer and early autumn. These two climatic influences combine to create overall moderate conditions under which the vines and fruit thrive best.

Our Wines

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