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Tamale Pie

Don's father's sister, Aunt Katie, always made her famous tamale pie recipe for Sunday family dinners. The secret to her recipe is the use of Cream of Wheat. A great casserole dish for parties, as it makes a big batch and can be made ahead of time!

Making the Tamales

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    Cut up chickens and boil in large pot (can debone after they have cooked awhile) Slice onions and garlic and cook in 1 cube margarine – until golden Drain tomatoes and chop a little – then heat a little After chicken has boiled and is tender, add onions, garlic and tomatoes Put seasonings in a bowl and dissolve with a little water. Seasonings can be added according to taste.

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    Then add Cream of Wheat, stirring in till slightly thick. Add cumin seed and olives, the margarine can also be added to taste. Simmer slowly until Cream of Wheat cooked. Make Polenta (about 4 cups). Line bottom of glass pans with polenta and top with tamale mixture. Reserve some tamale mixture to heat as sauce.

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