Capellini with Shrimp, Tomatoes and Arugula

Pasta & Side Dishes | Serves 4

Capellini with Shrimp, Tomatoes and Arugula

The perfect pasta for a light dinner or an al fresco lunch. The taste of summer is written all over this easy entrée. Add a summery sizzle to your shrimp by tossing them on the BBQ grill while enjoying a glass of Ferrari-Carano Fumé Blanc.

Cooking the Pasta

  • 01

    Cook the cappellini according to package directions.

Basil-lemon marinade

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    In a small bowl, add oil, garlic, basil, parsley, lemon zest, salt and pepper and stir. Set aside at room temperature.


  • 01

    Meanwhile, heat 2 Tbsp of olive oil in a skillet, add shrimp and tomatoes. Add Ferrari-Carano Fumé Blanc. Let cook until the shrimp turn just pink.

  • 02

    Drain pasta onto a platter and immediately add the shrimp and tomato mixture, the fresh arugula greens and the basil-lemon marinade.

Final Touch

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    Toss with Parmesan cheese. Sprinkle top with fresh mint. Serve immediately.

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