The 2016 Ferrari-Carano Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottle

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2016 Ferrari-Carano Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sonoma County, Alexander Valley

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There is an old Italian saying that it takes five ingredients to create the ideal habitat for olive trees: sun, stone, drought, silence and solitude. Ferrari-Carano's Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a true reflection of the terroir from where it originates -- we pick the best lots from our mountain and valley floor ranches to make this single Estate olive oil.

Tasting Notes

Produced from five types of olive trees -- Frantoio, Coratina, Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino -- the olive oil has aromas and flavors of green apple, green banana, green tea, fresh cut grass, green olive, mint, a hint of white pepper, as well as floral, nutty and buttery notes.

Processing Notes

The 2016 growing season was an ideal season for our olive trees. We had close to normal rainfall over the winter, and abundant soil moisture and beautiful bloom time weather led to a great fruit set. The summer was warm, but not too hot and our trees had very little stress during their ripening in the fall. Early rains kept frost risks at bay, but did not impact the overall quality of the 2016 harvest.

We hand harvested the olives for this blend on November 3, 17 and 30, from two different Estate olive orchards. The olives were transported immediately after harvest to Olivino in Hopland, our trusted milling partner for many years. The olives were crushed on both a hammer mill and a traditional stone mill for optimal flavor and aroma intensity, then cold pressed. Using only gravity, the individual lots were racked once and blended after four months of settling to remove any olive sediment and to improve texture, acidity and mouth feel.