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Eldorado Gold

Dry Creek Valley

This Sauternes-style dessert wine is like liquid gold, hence the name, Eldorado Gold. Made from Semillon grapes grown right here in Dry Creek Valley.


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Aromas & Flavors

This wine is created when a beneficial mold, botrytris cinerea, infects the grapes which evaporates the water content and concentrates the sugars, acids and flavors. Eldorado Gold has enticing aromas of apricot, papaya, orange blossom and brown sugar, followed by lush flavors of nutmeg, crème brûlée, peach, honey and vanilla.

Food Pairings

Eldorado Gold is delicious paired with light fruit desserts like apricot or apple tart, lemon desserts and hazelnut or almond cookies. Dense, buttery pound cake, summer berries, crème brûlée, caramel sauce and aged cheeses also pair nicely.

How It's Made

The grapes are carefully harvested, then placed onto trays where the clusters are inoculated with a pure strain of botrytis and dehydrated for 20 days to 38.3 brix before pressing. The pressed juice is cold settled for 4 days, then racked to 100% new, select French oak barrels for fermentation. Once the desired alcohol and residual sugar levels are reached, the wine is chilled and filtered to stop fermentation. The wine is barrel aged for 15 months until bottling.

The Vintage

The 2018 season began with much-needed record rainfall during the winter months, followed by a mild spring. A very warm summer followed, including a Labor Day heat spike and unusual rain in September, before it finally cooled off into fall. Overall it was a challenging harvest, but diligent attention in the vineyards led to the perfect blend of aromas and flavors that we desire in our wines.

AppellationDry Creek Valley


Cooperage100% new French oak

ReleaseSpring 2021