Ferrari Carano PinotGrigio Friuli 1920x1028

New Pinot Grigio from Italy

Ferrari-Carano pays homage to its Italian roots with the introduction of a brand new Pinot Grigio from Friuli Grave, Italy.

Classic Sonoma Wine 1920x

Classic Sonoma Wines

Stylish, delicious Sonoma wine crafted with love at our Sonoma County winery, from delicate Fumé Blanc to distinguished Cabernet Sauvignon, meticulously crafted for your everyday dining enjoyment.

Vineyard Select Wine 1920x

Vineyard Select Wines

We call our single vineyard wines and special block blends Vineyard Select, as these elegant vineyard-designate bottles showcase the diverse microclimates and varietal character from which they come — distinctive and unique, balanced in richness and delicacy. Explore our Russian River Chardonnays and Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignons.

PreVail Wines 1920x

PreVail Wines

Powerful and rich, PreVail is designated for our best Cabernet Sauvignon wines. Hailing from our Sonoma County mountain vineyards, these Alexander Valley and Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignons are evidence that persistent dedication to creating fine wines pays off. Wines that PreVail.