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Hospitality Expert Sam Sayad Makes Sure Every Visit is Exceptional

The best is yet to come, as we continue to develop new and exciting experiences for guests!

Behind every experience at Ferrari-Carano, there is a team that carefully curates all the details that make each visit to our estate special. We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to one of the members of that team — our new Estate Director, Sam Sayad!

Sam, you have an extensive background in Guest Services, as the new Estate Director, what are you excited to bring to Ferrari-Carano?

What excites me most each and every day I arrive at work is the creative freedom to take ideas

surrounding experiences from the ideation phase to execution. While my knowledge of the wine industry continues to grow each and every day, my previous experiences within sports and entertainment have set a foundation to drive new and memorable experiences at Ferrari-Carano.

What are some of the ways Ferrari-Carano has adapted to COVID-19 to provide guests with a safe experience?

Safety at Ferrari-Carano has been, and always will be, a priority. As it relates to COVID-19, we’ve implemented strict guidelines surrounding sanitization and mask compliance while staying nimble and adapting where necessary. We have continued to comply with both local, state and federal guidelines to navigate the challenges associated with COVID-19.

Guests of the property enjoy so many exciting tasting experiences, what will you be offering members of the Wine Club?

As an Estate, we pride ourselves in offering a diverse portfolio of experiences. In my eyes, the best is yet to come. We’re currently working on plans to develop exclusive experiences for our wine club members, which we have the utmost confidence will be well received. More to come!

There are so many ways to explore the gardens and vineyards at Ferrari-Carano! What is your personal favorite Ferrari-Carano experience?

Where do you start? I have to give credit to our Landscape Supervisor, Antonia Mata-Marquez, as her work has paved the way to my favorite Ferrari-Carano experience. I find tremendous joy in walking through and picking organic fruits and vegetables from our culinary garden. As we continue to define our culinary program at Ferrari-Carano, the work of Antonia and her team allow us to execute a true farm-to-fork experience.

What new experiences can we look forward to this Fall?

Aside from the Wine Club Member exclusive locations briefly addressed, we look forward to the

re-introduction of pizzas from our wood-fired pizza oven. While the natural beauty and delicious wines will remain a staple at Ferrari-Carano, the culinary aspect of our Estate is something that will continue to evolve and drive new experiences for all to enjoy.

What brought you into the world of wine?

This is a question I am frequently asked! While I will forever cherish my most recent memories with the Golden State Warriors, I feel extremely fortunate to have found a role that allows me to blend my love for hospitality and developing experiences with a lifestyle that allows for overall balance. While the sports and entertainment industry and wine industry likely appear as polar opposites, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how many similarities there truly are.

What is your favorite Ferrari-Carano wine and why?

While this is a very challenging question to answer considering our team of winemakers make incredible wines of all varieties, I must admit the Sky High Pinot Noir is my current favorite. Whether pairing this wine with a rack of lamb or drinking it on a nice summer day, it always has a place on my shelf at home!

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